Photos of the big day!!



 Waking up on Saturday morning I hardly dared open the curtains. After 18 months of planning the BIG DAY was here. What would the weather hold. It was overcast and cloudy but, as I looked up, I saw the first patch of blue sky that I had seen for days. This was the omen that the day was going to stay dry and it did.

We had a wonderful day and Tom and Beth did not stop smiling. Even an ambulance going past, with full sirens blazing, during the vows only added to the fun.

I have added some photos and captions for all of you unable to attend. To those who did a huge thank you for making the day so special.

Very proud Mum and Dad!


This just sums-up the day!!!!!


 To our army of helpers, far to many to mention by name, words cannot express how much we are indebted to you.