The more believable history!

There has been a pub on this site for many years. Once a row of cottages, the Pub has been extended and converted over time. The old stable block and forge is now the dining area and retains some of the old cobb walls. The floors are uneven and the ceilings vary in height from bar to bar. Previous landlords include a Bailiff, a Farmer, a Gamekeeper's son and even a Postman!!

A licence to serve liquor was first granted to enable the travelling stipendary priests to purchase refreshment as they moved about their parishes. The area around the Pub became known as a "Coldharbour", a safe place for a weary traveller to seek a harbour from the cold.

In the early days the pub was called The Angel but, due to it being named The Quiet Lady in Thomas Hardy's rather risque novel, The Return of the Native, changed it's name to The Silent Woman in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

We are compiling a history of The Silent Woman and would love any information or photographs that you may have. We are especially interested to know exactly when the name change occured. If you can help us in any way please telephone us on 01929 552909


 Kelly & Ashley Hamilton took over the Tenancy on 16th January 2020. The 1970s style bar back was replaced with handcrafted wood and glass, new carpets replaced the old lino and the fireplace was opened up to allow a roaring fire to burn on those cold winter nights.


 Hours of time were spent in developing the outside areas to create beautiful flower displays in the summer and an area to provide shade.